Will I Ever Take a Good Picture?

My journey trying to take good photos.

Rained out. Picked the wrong time for my hike.

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Weather wasn’t that great this morning (9/30/2012). Cloudy and the low 50’s. I didn’t check the forecast before I left but last night’s forecast was predicting the rain wouldn’t start until the afternoon. I stopped in the field at the base of the dam to practice taking shots for a panoramic. My first set of shots yielded this.

Canon T3i, EF18-135mm f3.5-f5.6@18mm, ISO 100, 4 shots

It was pretty dark with all the cloud cover but not this dark. I could see color when I was taking the pictures. I lightened it up a bit in Lightroom:

Canon T3i, EF18-135mm f3.5-f5.6@18mm, ISO 100, 4 shots

Looks pretty good. It always amazes me what can be done in Lightroom. While I don’t think any of these shots would make great prints they are fine for viewing on screen. I am still learning that what looks good on the computer doesn’t always look good on a print. I printed out the picture from my Bridge of Flowers Edit post and it looked awful. I need to do a followup on that post!

I then took another series of shots at 2/3EV and came up with this:

Canon T3i, EF18-135mm f3.5-f5.6@18mm, ISO 100, 2/3EV, 3 shots

Again the colors can’t be seen so I went into Lightroom and came up with this:

Canon T3i, EF18-135mm f3.5-f5.6@18mm, ISO 100, 3 shots

All of the above was done on a tripod with the camera in Portrait mode. Once I was done and was getting ready to continue my hike it had brightened up a bit so again with 2/3EV I took a couple of handheld shots in landscape mode and got this shot (after LR edits).

Canon T3i, EF18-135mm f3.5-f5.6@18mm, ISO 100, 2 shots

Out of the 3 panoramics I like this one the best. Incredible that the afterthought shot is the one that looks the best. All the planning of the other two panaramics and the quickie one is the best. I wonder what that is telling me?

Heading up the trail I saw the ghost again. Here is a shot of it heavily edited in Lightroom:

Canon T3i, EF18-135mm f3.5-f5.6@135mm, 1/5 sec, f/5.6, ISO 100

Then is started to rain. I didn’t think it was going to last long so I went back to the lookout and took some pictures. My 18-135mm lens was having difficulty focusing (to dark?) so I put my 100mm on and that had no trouble. Here is the shot I took.

Canon T3i, EF100mm f2.8L Macro, 1/250 sec, f/4.0, ISO 200

I tried to wait out the rain but I’m not known for my patience so after about 15 minutes I left. I stopped at the grocery store on the way home and of course by the time I was done shopping the rain had stopped and we didn’t get any more rain for the rest of the day. Oh well at least I was out for a little while.

I wanted to print out a picture from today. I print a lot of my shots as 4×6 prints and bring them in to show at work. I picked the panoramic shot that I say I liked the best earlier in this post. It came out good enough to display but it was a bit dull. The trees are to far away and there isn’t enough color to make them interesting. I should have taken the shots at the telephoto end rather than the wide angle end. Maybe I should have put the 100mm lens on and used that. It takes a sharper picture then the 18-135mm.

In the process of reading two books. The Innocent by David Baldacci and a photo book Full Frame by David Noton. I really like the photo book. For every picture he gives a Before/During/After description. I really like this format since it is done in a way that I can learn from. I’m not very far into the Baldacci book so I can’t comment but I have read this author before and liked his books.

Until my next post!


One thought on “Rained out. Picked the wrong time for my hike.

  1. Hi, I liked the shot you took last the best too. The trees are not vivid this year so they will be somewhat muted in the photo. I read David Baldacci too & I have a lot of his books if you’re interested in borrowing any let me know. The one I liked the best was THE CHRISTMAS TRAIN, quite a bit different that his regular writing. M

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