Will I Ever Take a Good Picture?

My journey trying to take good photos.

A bit on the cool side, missed peak color, and it’s Miller time.


It’s been awhile since I posted. I have been playing around in Photoshop and I’m a bit overwhelmed by everything that PS can do. I did a lot with panoramas and tried to use the concepts I’m learning while reading Adobe Photoshop CS6, CLASSROOM IN A BOOK.

I found out if you take a 10 picture panorama with each picture a set of 3 for HDR, create a 32bit HDR in PS of each of the 10 pictures, then stitch them together in PS, export back to Lightroom 4, and then try to print you bring the Mac to its knees. I had to remember my UNIX commands to find the rogue print processes and kill them before I could use the Mac again. What fun, I thought my Mac had given up the ghost. Oh and the resulting file was HUGE. I was having trouble saving it because PS kept saying it was to big. As I said I was playing. I was just doing this to try out different techniques in PS and LR. There was no real need to do this!

I am going to post pictures from a walk at Hodges on 10/21/2012. It was a bit chilly when I started out, about 40F. Any colder and I would have needed gloves. When I was in the sun it was nice but in the shade I was chilly. I walked on the dam with my tripod (OK it is actually Anna’s tripod) hoping for a nice shot from the top of the dam with some nice color in the leaves. No go. I skipped a week and missed peak color at Hodges! Not only were the trees nothing to write home about but the sky wasn’t exciting either. I didn’t feel like carrying the tripod today so I put the tripod in the car and went for a walk.. First thing worth taking a picture of was a robin. Of course I forgot to check the settings on the camera and my first shots were underexposed but in LR I tweaked the image and I really like the result. It is kind of artsy (which if you know me is not what I strive for!):


Then I got a couple of shots exposed correctly.



Here is a shot from the base of the dam showing the lack of color.


Can you believe it the next thing I see are mushrooms? When I was driving down to the dam I was thinking that I wouldn’t see any mushrooms. I was wrong, I saw quite a few but these are the only ones I took pictures of since they were a type I hadn’t seen before.



I like all three of these shots. Usually I find just one out of a series that I like.

Looks like the animals at Hodges drink Miller. A beer and a pine cone:


There was some color it just was very spotty. Here is a nice red oak.


I took a closeup and edited the picture in PS to see if I could make it better.

Here is the shot out of the camera (a bit of LR editing)

Imageand here is the PS version (again with a bit of LR editing)


Which one do you like? I haven’t decided yet.

Next up was a nice view over a small meadow.


I took a few closeups of the bursting seed pods. Missed the tripod when I was taking these:)



Then since I am learning panoramas here is one of a beaver dam. The dam isn’t that big yet but it is holding back quite a bit of water. I tried to walk on the other side of the dam to see if I could get a picture of the beaver’s lodge but the dam is a bit leaky and I couldn’t make it.


Heading back to the car I saw a couple of woodpeckers. Here is one (Red-Bellied Woodpecker?) taken with the 100mm Macro lens.


This was taken with the 55-250mm lens:


Then not five minutes later another woodpecker (Downy woodpecker??). This one is a bit blurry.


Then to end the walk I sat on this bench (new since the last time I was at Hodges) to check out my pictures.


I haven’t been reading anything other than magazines (new Photoshop magazine came in the mail) and I bought another photo magazine at Barnes&Noble. It had an article about fish-eye lenses that I thought Anna would like.


2 thoughts on “A bit on the cool side, missed peak color, and it’s Miller time.

  1. I liked the first one of the red leaf the best, the leaf was more vivid I thought, I do enjoy looking at all your pictures but I liked the woodpeckers especially. Mom

  2. Finally catching up with almost a month old post. Mushrooms are cool, looking like alien soldiers, I think coprinus, may be even edible. And bursting pods are great, tc.

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