Will I Ever Take a Good Picture?

My journey trying to take good photos.

Warm weather photographer and a new camera


Its been over a month since I last posted. For some reason I don’t feel like taking photos or even editing photos when the weather gets cold. I did the same thing last year. Took pictures all summer and into the fall and then took the winter off. Photography for me is a hobby so if I don’t want to want to take pictures then I don’t!

I did get a new camera though, a gift from work for 25 years of service. It is a point and shoot camera. A Sony Cyber-shot. What a great gift!  I used it to take a picture of the breakfast I get on days when I work out:


I think this is the only reason I work out. About 1/2 way thru the workout I start thinking of my breakfast.

Brian who runs the grill makes the hash and he sometimes runs out. I give him endless grief when he does. So I played around a bit and did this in photoshop and gave it to him. Nothing fancy but I had fun doing it and it does communicate my feelings when hash is on the menu. It was amazing how much I forgot in photoshop though. It took a bit to remember all the shortcuts I used. Maybe I need to edit one photo every week to keep from forgetting my LR/photoshop skills (little that they are).


I like the camera since it is small enough that I can leave it in my briefcase. I hope to get in the habit of throwing it in the car on weekends. You never know when you might want to take a picture.

I do hope that I take some time to look at some of the pictures I have taken and do some ‘best of posts’ this winter. I would like to do at least a post on flowers and on on birds. I also have a couple of Hodges walks that I haven’t posted yet.

Well that’s it for today. The book I’m reading is “Tales of the Weird. Unbelievable True Stories” Edited by David Braun (National Geographic).


2 thoughts on “Warm weather photographer and a new camera

  1. Hi Eric, Liked the picture, and the comment. Is that beans with the omelet & hash? Looks like alot of food. I’ve missed your picture postings so was happy to see it. Love Mom

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