Will I Ever Take a Good Picture?

My journey trying to take good photos.

I am out of hibernation!

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The weather is finally warming up enough for me to want to go out and enjoy the outdoors and that means taking pictures. I went down to Hodges last weekend try out riding a bike instead of driving. It is a couple of miles by car and no more than 1/2 a mile by bike. I always felt guilty using the car to go on a hike. So I borrowed Lauras’ mountain bike, a helmet, a bag I could carry the camera in and off I went. You can cover a lot of ground on the bike but I think you miss a lot of photo ops! Next time I’ll ride down and then lock the bike up and walk.

Things haven’t greened up yet but it was nice to get out. Here is my first shot this spring from the lookout:


Here is a random shot looking over the river near the beaver dam. I like the reds in the brush in the foreground:


and another shot looking up the river. I am at the point where the gas line crosses the river.

ImageI took the last two pictures while on the rocks in the background.

ImageHere is a picture of the type of trail I like to ride on!


Here is a panorama looking left of where the last picture was taken. Yep you can see just a bit of snow on the left in the background.


As you can see there wasn’t much wildlife or plant life to take pictures of. I still enjoyed the hour or so I spent at Hodges.

I am have been reading a series called the Iron Druid Chronicles. I’m enjoying the books. I am getting them electronically from the library. You don’t have to go to the library anymore to get books!

I hope to be posting more now that the weather is warming up!


One thought on “I am out of hibernation!

  1. so happy to see you back with your photos & comments. It will be interesting to see these shots when the new growth comes in and the trees get their leaves.

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