Will I Ever Take a Good Picture?

My journey trying to take good photos.

Patriots Day walk at Hodges

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For those who aren’t New Englanders Patriots day is a Massachusetts holiday celebrating the start of the American Revolutionary War.

This is my second walk this spring and I’m enjoying being outside and taking  pictures. This is a great time of year to be out since there are very few bugs about although I did find a tick on me the other day.

One of my first pictures of the day was a bit of trash:


I wonder what that came from and how old it is.

I saw some interesting lichen (moss?) on the side of a tree. I wonder why it grew like this.

ImageHere is a shot looking upstream at the beaver dam. I am actually starting to wonder if this is an active area for beavers since I’m not seeing any freshly cut trees.


Here is a shot from the other side looking downstream.


Standing on the gas line with the river to my back looking east. I just liked the view.Image

When I see a feather I have to take a picture. No idea why but it is what it is. I wonder if anyone can tell what kind of bird it is from. I certainly can’t.


I can tell what this is though. The Heron is back.


Staying on the bird theme I saw my first Tree Swallow this year.


Yes I should have Photoshopped out the extra branch but I forgot how to do it. Last fall I would have remembered.

Here is a Bluebird.


The last picture I took is some fur from a bunny (at least that is what I think it is).


Here is the picture that was my failure today. This guy (gal?) looked to be building a nest and I didn’t get one good picture (even though I took 20 or so shots):


Well that is all the pictures for this walk.

Also read yesterday that LR5 beta is out. I am using LR4 and just might skip LR5 unless I can get a super deal on it. I’m just not feeling like spending another $80 or so to upgrade. I bought LR3 and then LR4. Might be time to skip a rev.

I have been reading the Richard Sharpe series by Bernard Cornwell. Easy reading


One thought on “Patriots Day walk at Hodges

  1. Hi, I really liked the pic of the path going into the woods, made me feel like I wanted to take a walk down the path and see where it leads. I also liked the barn swallow and the bluebird, neither of which have I seen in my yard. I know there are bluebirds around here because next door they have had them nesting in their yard, but If they have visited here I missed them Keep up the pics, I realy enjoy them.

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