Will I Ever Take a Good Picture?

My journey trying to take good photos.

Lot of walking but not many pictures this weekend.

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I went to Hodges Dam twice last weekend and didn’t take many pictures. This picture gives an idea of why. Everything is black and white and I like color!Image

Not very colorful. You really have to search for photo ops. Last week I took this picture. I didn’t post it last week because I was still playing around with it in Lightroom. Sometimes a picture just takes a couple of edits and is fine and other times I get a picture like this that I play around with for what seems like for ever. I took a lot of pictures of this trying to get the composition right. This is the best one I took (composition/sharpness…). Out of the camera is on the left and after my edits is on the right. As you can see not a big difference. Why it took me so long I have no idea:(


I like the one on the right. Anyone else have an opinion?

Well back to this weekends pictures. I saw some turtles on Sunday but I was far away and just couldn’t get a nice shot:


Here is a picture I took last year. This is what I think is a good picture of a turtle. Of course I was  very close to the turtle when I took this!ImageI really wanted to see some new growth so I took two pictures of things that were green. Yes one is a dandelion but you take pictures of what is available.



I also saw a few Swallows. They were hanging around the nesting boxes. I am not sure if they are just building nests or not but it is the first week I have noticed them around the boxes. 


I took a bunch of pictures like this and only this one came out good enough to show. I thought I might have trouble getting both birds in focus and I was right.

ImageNext up were some tracks.

ImageI saw this in the trail and I have no idea how it came about. Looks like something was digging but what?


One last try at the turtles. This was taken on Monday. Better but I am still to far away. There is also one more turtle in this picture.


Last is a picture of a Daffodil in my yard. This is another picture that took me a bit to get correct. I used the ColorChecker Passport to set the white balance and to create a DNG profile. The DNG profile corrects for color.


So does the Passport help? Yes I think it does. I took this picture at dusk which always seems to mess up my camera. The best way to show it is to look at pictures of the Passport itself. On the left is right out of the camera (raw,DNG converted from CR2 since I shoot Canon), middle is with white balance set (you use the grey square on the right most row 4 down to set the white balance), and on the right is with the DNG profile applied (this is generated by software supplied with the Passport that looks at the colors and adjusts them so that they show true).


The white balance  is very noticeable. The leaves are brown after that adjustment! The DNG profile isn’t quite as obvious. The biggest color that gets adjusted is blue; look at the last row 3 over from the left. Now that you know what to look for you can see some other changes. Look at the orange; top row 2 over from the left. In the flower picture the orange in the center of the flower changed a bit. 

For reading I have been browsing my Lightroom 4 Scott Kelby book. Trying to remember everything I forgot over the winter when I didn’t work on my photos. 

I also loaded the LR5 beta and played around a bit. Nothing earth shattering. Still don’t think I’m going to upgrade when it comes out although I bet I end up upgrading. I am a sucker for keeping up to date on my software. 

Until my next photo shoot.


One thought on “Lot of walking but not many pictures this weekend.

  1. Hi, I liked the turtles on the water, can’t see the turtle’s ‘face’ but I like them. I really like the path, I know it doesn’t have much color but it invites you to stroll along and see where it leads. I think the flower is a jonquil, but I’m not sure, Until next time.

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