Will I Ever Take a Good Picture?

My journey trying to take good photos.

Is it the same plant or not?


I love looking at other peoples photos. I was poking around and came across this post:


First thing I thought was great picture. Then I thought wow that looks a lot like a picture I have.


The above picture is the result of focus stacking 7 pictures in Photoshop (CS6 if that matters). Last summer I was experimenting with focus stacking and took all kinds of pictures. Some came out good,  others were terrible. This one came out nice.

After I took this picture I checked the flower every day waiting for it to open. Well it never did. This is the spent flower! I noticed other flowers that after they bloomed curled up.

What is amazing is I never took a picture of the whole plant or of a bloom for comparison. So into Lightroom to search for a picture of this type of plant that I took at some other time. I found one from 2011.

ImageI really like the above picture with the dark background. For kicks I hit the auto button in Lightroom to set the exposure and now you can see the background.

ImageWell I went into the weeds (ha ha) a bit with this post. I originally started the post to see if anyone knew what plants these are and if they are the same and I started talking about focus stacking and Lightroom.

The picture from the blog I reference says it was taken in Italy (Sardinia Island) while the one I show is taken in the United States (Massachusetts). I think the picture I took is Queen Anne’s Lace. Checking online seems to confirm that the picture I took is Queen Anne’s Lace but I’m not sure about the one taken in Italy. I can’t find pictures of the spent flowers on line although I did find this quote “The spent flower clusters turn brown and curl” from this link.


Can anyone confirm the two pictures are from the same type of plant? Note from the above link it says that Queen Anne’s Lace is a native of Europe so it is possible.

I’ll leave you with one last photo.







3 thoughts on “Is it the same plant or not?

  1. Love how the tiny details of that flower was captured, nice 🙂 Can’t wait for the flowers to finally bloom so I can try taking pictures like these too!

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