Will I Ever Take a Good Picture?

My journey trying to take good photos.

Quabbin Reservoir

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Last weekend on the way home from picking up Anna from Umass Amherst I stopped at Quabbin Reservoir for a short walk. Here is some info thoughtfully posted at the dam.


When your entering the park there are signs saying no dogs allowed but as I was walking up to the dam what do I see but a dog!


Then you take a second look and something is not right. It is a prop. There is a sign that explains things.


I find it hard to believe that this works but I didn’t see any geese.

Here is the view as your walking up to the dam. You can tell a couple of things from this picture, one it was a beautiful day and two I hadn’t had a chance to clean the sensor of the crud I talked about in my last post. For the curious I did clean the sensor with a product called Sensor Swab (I used type 2) and I believe it is now clean).


Here is a monument saying who worked on the dam.


and here is the back of the monument.


Instead of walking on top of the dam I took a side trail and went down to the stream. As you get close to the stream you see this sign.


I was hoping for the alarm to go off so I could see the water rise.

When you get down to the river there is a small building. No sign to say what it is.


Along the bank the trees are being undercut. I wonder how long before they fall. I wasn’t the only one who found this interesting. When I was leaving there was another person who looked like they were taking the same picture.


Here is a shot of the bridge that goes over the river. That is as far as I went. This picture is dark but under the trees that is what it was like. If you look under the bridge you can see someone fishing. There were actually 3 people that were fishing.


Then I saw this. Seemed like an unusual way for a tree to decompose.


Here is a picture looking up at the dam. At the bottom of the picture you can see a drainage ditch.


Here is a picture of the bridge. It was getting late and I was tired so this is where I turned around and went back.


The water was low.


Here is the trail as you start to head up.


One last shot of the lake.


It was a pleasant 45 minute walk. I like this time of year. The weather is not to warm and there are no mosquitoes!

I haven’t been doing much reading lately but when I do get a bit of time to read I am reading the Richard Sharpe series by Bernard Cornwell. I download the books from the library on my iPod Touch. Very handy. If the library isn’t open and you need a book you just browse on the library site until you find something that is available and that you like.

The reason I haven’t been reading much is that I have been spending time either taking pictures, editing said pictures, watching videos on how to user Lightroom and Photoshop (joined NAPP last summer and so far the tutorials/training they have are making the $99.00 subscription fee worth it), reading the blogs about only being able to get future revs of Photoshop by subscription (I do NOT like this), researching lenses (I want a nicer telephoto lens then the 55-250mm kit lens I have), working (work keeps getting in the way of play), and playing with my new photo printer (Canon Pro-100). I am going to do a post on the photo printer. I don’t think I understand color management like I thought I did since my prints aren’t looking like what I have on my monitor.

Till my next post.


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