Will I Ever Take a Good Picture?

My journey trying to take good photos.

Couple of walks at Hodges. Small flowers and a Lady Slipper.

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These pictures are from last Monday (4/13) and today (4/19). The birds are very vocal but I am not getting many photos of them. I shot this today of a Red-Winged Blackbird. Not a great shot but at least I got a picture. I see them flying around and haven’t had many opportunities to get pictures.


I am still intrigued by the beaver dam. I do believe the beavers have moved on though. Here is a view looking from downstream of the beaver dam.


The Water Lillys are just about ready to open.


Here is a fern.


Then I saw my first mushroom of the year. It was a tiny one.


I rode the bike over to the west side of the river and I saw a hawk fly in front of me. Here is a picture of where the hawk was sitting while I got off the bike and got the camera out. As you can see he didn’t stick around:(


I saw a few feathers.

Image Image


Then I took some pictures of flowers.




The first Lady Slipper picture is touched up a bit in Photoshop. Here is the photo before the touching up. Can you see the places I touched up?


These leaves caught my eye. There is something about look of new leaves that I like.


As I was walking I saw this. I don’t think these nuts are native to Hodges.


That is it for my Hodges walks. Nothing exciting although I really like taking pictures of Lady Slippers. They are only out for a few weeks so you have to enjoy them when you see them.

For those folks who read my Ugly Plant post there will be a plant again this year! I think next year I will try to split it.


Well that’s all for today.


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