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Cascades Trail System Hike

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Laura and I hiked in Worcester yesterday (5/26/2013) on the Cascades Trail system. Here is a link to a map:

Cascade Trail System Map

I am not very good at following trails even when they have nice maps  Whenever I hike with Laura she does the orienteering (so much for the Boy Scout in me) since I can get lost going out to the car in the morning. When you have signs like this it is hard to go wrong although once when Laura took a turn I asked how she had known to turn and she said we just went past a sign. I started paying attention after that:)



The trail head has room for 4 or 5 cars and has a nice bulletin board with a map of the trails.


After a very short walk you come to a road with an old stone bridge.

ImageI looked for a date on the bridge and couldn’t find one. As you got closer to the bridge you could hear water falling and when you get on the bridge you see the waterfall. It was more impressive in person. I have not got the hang of showing height in my photos.


The trail goes along the side of the waterfall and is a bit steep but nothing that is to hard. Once we hit the top I took a picture looking back the way we came. You can kind of see where the trail seems to drop off.Image

I saw some small flowers.

ImageThere was a spot on the trail where there were trees that folks had carved initials into. I felt sorry for the trees.


Whenever I see a trail marker I take a picture of it. Why? Because I have a camera I guess.

ImageWe came upon this sign.


Neither I nor Laura were quite sure what a vernal pool was although we thought it meant a small body of water that wasn’t permanent. According to Wikipedia:

Vernal pools, also called vernal ponds or ephemeral pools, are temporary pools of water that provide habitat for distinctive plants and animals.

So what I would call a swamp:)

Here is another shot where I try to show that we are up high.

ImageThen we came upon two benches on the side of the trail within a couple of hundred yards of each other. 

ImageI wonder if this person enjoyed walking this trail and that is why he has a bench in his memory. Then another random bench.


I believe the total hike (it was an out and back) was a bit shy of 5 miles. Laura has an app that keeps track of where you walk and it only logged 1/2 the hike. We must of lost the signal and it dropped out. I believe it said we went up about 900 feet during the walk and it was taking us 25 minutes to walk a mile. When you hike with a bad ankle (probably why I miss signs because I’m looking where I’m stepping) and a camera you are not going to be moving very fast.

If your in the area and want a short hike check it out.

I also went on a hike at Hodges today and will blog about that in another post. 






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