Will I Ever Take a Good Picture?

My journey trying to take good photos.

Water everywhere at Hodges and I joined the Seven Hills Camera Club (7HCC).

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Seems like forever since I last posted. I have been to Hodges twice and also joined a camera club since my last post. Here in Massachusetts we just finished a couple of weeks where we got a lot of rain (8+ inches the last time I saw the total posted). Hodges was built for flood control and it seems 8 inches of rain in a short time causes water to be held back. Normally at this time of year there is ~4 feet of water at the dam. When I went on 6/9/2013 there was almost 12 feet.


That doesn’t sound like a lot but you can’t get to the bridge when it is this high. Here is a shot that shows water right before the bridge.


Water this high happens quite a bit. If you look at my very first post there is a picture taken after Hurricane Irene that shows a closer view of the water right before the bridge and it is just as high.

June 9th was a beautiful day. Here is another picture that shows the same scene but a bit closer to the water. The sky was such a nice blue.


Here is a picture of my favorite tree at Hodges.


Here is a picture of the same tree on February of 2012.


While walking around I saw a wild animal.


Upon closer inspection it wasn’t so wild:)


At this level a lot of trail is under water. I didn’t feel like getting wet feet or going around so I didn’t get to walk far today.


I headed up to the dam where the water goes under the bridge (where I took the shot above that shows the water height) and you can see the bridge. It isn’t underwater even though from the parking lot where I parked you couldn’t get to it.


After the 9th we got more rain. I had to go down again to see how high the water was. So on 6/19 back I went. Laura had already been down and got some great pictures. See her post here. The pictures Laura took are much better then the ones I got. Her pictures show the water went up another 7 feet!

I walked this time and where I tried to get in the water was over my waist. I know because I thought I could walk right in but I stopped once the water hit my waist. I had my camera and I didn’t want to get the gear wet. So around I went. When I finally got to trail it didn’t look bad.


I didn’t have to walk far though until the trail was blocked.


Going the other way wasn’t any better.


Just for a point of reference here is a picture I took back in October of 2011. This lines up with the left part of the above picture.


If Anna was standing in the same place she would be under water. I found this trail promising.


Go around the corner though….


I didn’t get many good pictures (I think Laura did a much better job of capturing the flood waters than I did) I did have a good time and got soaked from the waste down!

Talking about something other than Hodges…

Joe who is a friend I work with says joining a camera club is a good way to improve your photography. So yesterday I went to a Camera club meeting in Worcester. The name of the group is the Seven Hills Camera Club. The meetings are held in a Stop & Shop which seemed a bit unusual to me. I was a bit surprised to show up and actually find the meeting. I filled out some paper work to join (hey no dues due until September!) and sat down for the meeting. They had a speaker come in to talk. Her name was Rochanna Buckley of Memories of Your Life Photography. What a good time. She had some pictures she took, including some that were published in magazines, that she passed around. She gave a brief talk about herself and her businesses (photography and a consignment shop) and then took questions. She had a lot of great stories and was very entertaining. What I found interesting is she is self taught. Impressive. The pictures she showed were great.

It will be interesting to see what the club does. Next meeting is July 1st. At the very least the next time I sign up for the NECCC Amherst photo conference I can say I am part of a camera club and my name tag won’t look so bare. Last year not only did I just have my name on it with no club affiliation but a blue dot that I believe signified I was a newbie at the conference. A lot of people I met at the conference wanted to know why I had a blue dot:)

Well that is all for now. I believe this might be my longest post ever. A couple of walks at Hodges and joining a Camera Club. If I was on top of things I would have done one post for each.


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