Will I Ever Take a Good Picture?

My journey trying to take good photos.

Hodges smells funny and I almost lost all my pictures from Sundays shoot.


Still a lot of water at Hodges. There is a sign warning you about the trails when you walk in at the dam.

ImageLast time I was at the dam (6/9/2013) the water was at a little less than 12 feet. On 6/23/2013 it was a bit less than 14 feet and then on 6/24 it was a bit less then 12 feet again. I am always amazed at how fast the water goes down. I would like to know how much water it takes to raise the level a foot. I would think that the higher you go the more water it takes (more area is covered the higher the water goes). I poked around a bit on the Hodges website but didn’t see this info.

I have been looking at lenses lately and am thinking of upgrading at the wide angle end of things. I have a 18-135mm kit lens that is great as a walk around lens but I got the “I need a new lens” bug. The lens I am looking at is the 17-40mm f4L lens although I keep looking at the 70-300mm f4-5.6L lens (yea I know that isn’t wide angle at all:)). The 17-40mm is affordable. OK no lens is really affordable, what I should say is I have saved up enough money that I could get the 17-40mm lens.  I have been looking at lenses for a year now and haven’t bought one. I just don’t know if it is worth it. The 18-135mm lens I have takes nice pictures and should be good enough for my needs. So one of the things I did today was I took a picture at 18mm and 24 mm since the next length for lenses is the 24-xxmm range (24-70mm and 24-105mm) and I wanted to see the difference. It just seems that the 24-xx might be a better range.

Here is a shot looking over the dam at 18mm.

Imageand at 24mm.


Definitely a difference but is it big enough to get the 17-40mm vs the 24-xx? I don’t know:( I can’t make up my mind. The more I look at it the more I say go with the 17 if i go wide angle. There is a lot of advice to get the 16-35mm, 24-70mm, and then a 70-200mm. The 16-35mm is a tot more expensive then the 17-40mm so that takes that one off the list. I have the 18-135mm and a 100mm prime. I borrow a 55-250 from Anna. So if I am trying to round out what I have I should get something on the long end. Decisions, decisions. Hence why I’m still looking at lenses.

Back to my walks… Here is a shot of the bridge on 6/23.


and a day later on the 24th. Still can’t get all the way to the other side but the bridge itself is now out of the water.



Here is another shot of a different bridge under water.


Here is the only picture I could find of the bridge when it wasn’t underwater. As you can see it was still being built in this shot.

ImageThen I took a panorama and it came out funky. The building is curved!



This is two shots stitched together in Photoshop but the distortion is pretty bad. I redid the with geometric distortion correction box checked in PS and it came out looking much better.

ImageOne thing that you can’t help but notice when you walk around is that in some places it smells pretty bad. Not sure why but it is a pretty nasty smell.

When I got home from the walk on the 23rd I plugged my SDHC card into my Mac and it felt a bit funny going in and the Mac was not seeing my card. I kind of freaked out. Here is what the card looked like when I took it out.


Not looking good. Laura gave me a USB card reader and I kept playing with the bent pins until finally I got the card recognized and my photos copied over. It wouldn’t have been a huge problem since there was nothing I couldn’t just go back down and retake but still.. I had actually brought the tripod with me and took a lot of the shots with the tripod hoping for sharper pictures. To be honest I’m not sure the pictures were any sharper than handheld:( 

That’s all for today.









3 thoughts on “Hodges smells funny and I almost lost all my pictures from Sundays shoot.

  1. I like the blog. But I can not find out where to subscribe to the blog updates. I am using a mobile Android device. Thanks for any help that you can give me.

    • Joe I use an iPod touch and can’t find a way either. This weekend I will try to figure out how to add this. Note if you look thru Internet explorer there is a follow button.

  2. Thanks Eric – I like your blog and look forward to receiving email updates.

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