Will I Ever Take a Good Picture?

My journey trying to take good photos.

HDR. Just can’t figure out what I like.

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In my last post I talked about the NECCC photo conference and posted pictures that I had run thru NIK software (HDR EFLEX PRO 2). I am thinking of buying the NIK bundle and am using the 15 day trial version. I thought I should run it thru CS6 since I already paid for that! 

Here is the CX6 version that I came up with with. I tweaked the shadows in LR a bit and toned down the blue a bit. 



Here is the NIK version. Remember I swapped out the grass with the grass from my +2/3ev shot (in PS). Other than that no processing outside of NIK.


For comparison this is the LR edited version (0ev shot, with shadows and highlights tweaked).

ImageBetween NIK and PS I find the NIK interface a bit easier to use. If I understood how to tweak things better I think either one would work just fine.

Which do you prefer? I think I like the NIK version the most but then I look at the three again and change my mind. The PS version is acceptable and since I already own it I really don’t need the NIK HDR program. 

Also if folks want to read what others have said about NECC 2013 check out Keep Light Photography and GuyJordan

Dave Cross did a talk called From Lightroom to Photoshop: Best of Both Worlds. As promised he posted his notes.

Well that’s all for today. Off to play with the other plug-ins in the NIK suite.




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