Will I Ever Take a Good Picture?

My journey trying to take good photos.

Tower Hill Botanic Garden

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On Wednesday (7/24) on the way home from work I stopped at Tower Hill Botanic Garden. I went last year and had a good time so I thought I would stop by again. I stopped on the way home because I thought I could get some sunset photos. Unfortunately closing time was 8pm and the sun was still a bit to high in the sky. I saw some nice pink skies on the way home though. Maybe I’ll go back in two or three weeks and try again. Nonetheless I had a good time and I took some nice pictures. The Day Lilies were the subject of the day. Here is the one I like the most.


As I did last year I found it harder then I thought it would be to take a good photo. You need to find a flower that is pretty and in a good spot. Here is one where the flower is really nice but the background is a bit noisy.

ImageHere is the same flower where I tried to blur the background.


I like that the background is blurred but I don’t like that the flower is not sharp. So I thought I would try to combined the two pictures in Photoshop. I exported the two pictures as layers into PS and merged them and ended up with this.


I can see a few places where my PS skills are lacking but overall it came out nice.

Here is another one.

ImageThis was another picture I found difficult to get. I took many shots and wasn’t happy with any of them. I finally took 3 shots at +-1 EV and hoped when I got home one of the many shots would look ok. I found that each of the shots I took was lacking so I took the 3 bracketed shots and ran them thru NIK HDR software and ended up with the above picture. I am not sure why I am having to do so much post processing to get the image I want.

Here is the only day lily that I took that I didn’t have to do anything outside of Lightroom.



I liked this photo. I was trying to convey that there were a lot of flowers.Image

There is a small vegetable/herb garden and I took a few pictures. These are run thru NIK HDR. Again I was having a lot of trouble getting the exposure correct so I fell back and bracketed the shots hoping to get something.



Then I came across a tree that had the coolest flower. I took a picture of the flower and completely forgot to get one of the tree:(

ImageThat’s it for my trip to Tower Hill Botanic Garden. I hope to go back in a few weeks and try again for some sunset pictures.



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