Will I Ever Take a Good Picture?

My journey trying to take good photos.

Tower Hill Botanic Garden Trip 2


Went back to Tower Hill on Wed (8/14/2013) to try to get some sunset pictures. Last time I went sunset was just a little past closing time so I didn’t get any sunset photos. It was very breezy and it was tough taking pictures of the flowers since they were moving all over the place but surprisingly I got some good pictures. Lately I have been taking pictures of groups of flowers from up close. Here is my first attempt of the day.

I really like this sunflower. Edit 8/18 – informed this is a daisy!


The only other flower picture I took.

ImageI spent some time in the vegetable garden. I think this is kohlrabi? I am not sure though.


Then a picture of kale.


The reason I came today was for the sunset so I did some practicing. There were clouds so I had high hopes that I might get a good sunset!

ImageBack to the vegetable garden. It was getting close to sunset and I am facing east here but sometimes you get some nice shots looking away from where the sun is setting. I can’t figure out which picture I like best so I’ll post them both.



I wish I could have got both the shed and the bench in the same picture!

Then it was off to see if I good find a good sunset photo. After scouting around earlier I thought the only good place to shoot was at the entrance so off I went to the entrance. Here is one of my first shots. Like the previous two garden shots this is processed in NIK HDR Pro 2.


I took a LOT of shots of the sunset. Here is a slideshow. It actually looks better if you hit the forward arrow rather then play since play takes to long to change pictures.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I have a folder of this days shoot that is over 8GB! A lot of that is that each of my sunset photos is actually 4 photos. One is the HDR processed picture and then the 3 photos that I took in a bracket (0ev, -1ev, and 1ev).

Still reading Complete Digital Photography by Ben Long and he uses the trick of setting white balance by using a rock also!

That’s all for today.


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