Will I Ever Take a Good Picture?

My journey trying to take good photos.

Catalog bloat. Cleaning up my collections and also setting up for disaster recovery.


Been a while since I went out to take pictures. A few reasons:

1) I have been catching up on work around the house.

2)  I haven’t felt like it.

3) I have been cleaning up my photo collection.

I signed up for Pogoplug which is a service where you can backup to the cloud. For now it is unlimited storage (will see how long that lasts). When I started the backup I noticed how many photos I had. I had 140GB which was about 7000 photos! Well from my exercise of finding photos good enough to print I know I shouldn’t have that many. That started almost three weeks of work to clean up. I kept 3500 photos (64GB) and moved some of my photoshopped files to a non backup folder (another 80 files /15GB). All the photoshopped files can be recovered, they are mostly panoramics and focus stacks so it isn’t really a big deal to recreate them. I got the above numbers from Finder. It is interesting that I have 3500 items in my photo directory and Lightroom says I have 2900 pictures. I have only 41 sidecar (.xmp) files so where are the other 400 items or so? I guess I have some more work to do to figure out the difference:( Also while preparing this post I noticed that Pogoplug says it has backed up 53GB but the directory is 64GB. Need to figure out why those numbers don’t line up do.

I also switched my internet/phone over to Charter from Verizon. I have had DSL from Verizon for what seems like forever. It was very reliable and fast enough for my needs (1Mb upload/10Mb download) until a few years ago when it started cutting out on me. It started to lose access between 4 and 5pm. Then it was fine and then it was losing access around 8pm. Also it seemed that it was getting slow (or I’m using it more!). I finally got sick of it and switched. So far so good. I really don’t notice any speed increase in day to day operations although www.speedtest.net shows almost a tripling of speed on both upload and download. If I had timed my backups to the cloud I believe I would see an increase but since that happens in the background I have no idea if it is faster or not. Although when Pogoplug is backing up when I had Verizon the internet was almost unusable, with Charter it is useable but slow. So far Pogoplug is OK. It doesn’t have a sync feature like Mozy does. You give it a directory you want backed up and it does that plus if you add files it will automatically back them up real time. If you delete a file though it doesn’t delete it on the backup. I can understand why they do that (you can recover a file you accidentally deleted) but I want it to delete if I delete.  I use Pogoplug for disaster recovery. If I lose my hard disk on my Mac and I lose my external drive that I back up to (Time Machine) I want my pictures off-site. I have Mozy but my free trial is about to expire it is a bit pricey.

Positives for Mozy.

1) True sync. What is on Mozy is what is on your Hard drive. If I have a disaster my pictures are recoverable.

2) I don’t even notice when it is backing up.

Negatives for Mozy.

1) Pricey.

Positives for Pogoplug.

1) Cheap

2) Does allow for disaster recovery.

Cons for Pogoplug.

1) No true sync option. If you do have to recover I will be getting files that I have deleted.

2) when backing up it hogs the internet bandwidth. It affects other users of the internet connection.

I signed up for Pogoplug for a year. I’ll see how it goes and decide at that time whether to stay with them or pay more for Mozy.

One of the reasons it took me a while to clean up my photo collection is I kept getting sidetracked looking at old projects. There was a lot of experimentation that I have done and a lot of what I did was not very good. A lot of that went in the trash. Other things I retried to see if my skills had gotten better. Surprisingly they have, I’m a bit better at Photoshop than I was. In addition i can do things a bit faster (somewhere I learned that <CMD> 0 will pop your picture back to fit on screen, just that one shortcut has save me lots of time!). Why I decided to do a project best suited for the middle of winter when I  won’t want to go outside never mind take pictures is beyond me. The weather here in Massachusetts right now is perfect for being outside. Cool but not cold, and the bugs are not that bad.

I hope to get out next weekend to take pictures at Hodges Dam. If I do I post them next weekend.


2 thoughts on “Catalog bloat. Cleaning up my collections and also setting up for disaster recovery.

  1. Over the course of two or three years do you find that the cloud backup services offer a better price than just buying a USB 3TB drive and keeping it offsite for your backups? I believe Amazon charges $1/GB/Year which is very expensive compared to just buying a USB drive.

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