Will I Ever Take a Good Picture?

My journey trying to take good photos.

Sturbridge Village

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It has been a long time since I posted. I have been working on my Lightroom and Photoshop skills but haven’t been out to take any pictures until last Saturday (10/5) when I met some friends at Sturbridge Village. I had a great time checking everything out. It was fun to be out with others while taking pictures. Sometimes my daughter and I will go out picture taking but mostly I go out alone. 

All three of us like to take photos and we even all use Canon DSLRs. It was nice to talk about the picture taking process as we walked thru thru the village. I ended up bringing home over 200 photos. I deleted over 130 of those and ended up with 67  and of those after editing will probably keep about 30.

A few things I learned:

1) At IOS 3200 and above I don’t get many keepers. 

2) I do not pay enough attention to what is in the photo. I deleted some pictures because of signs that I didn’t notice when I took the picture. 

3) It is very enjoyable to have company when taking photos!

I arrived at the park earlier than my friends and noticed the sawmill was going to have a demostration so off to the other end of the village I went. Inside the buildings it was dark which is why I was using a higher ISO than I usually use. I try not to use anything above ISO 800 but today I used a lot at 1600 and some at 3200. My first keeper of the day was inside the sawmill.


Taken later in the day is the outside of the sawmill.


Walking back to the entrance to meet up with my friends I came across 2 folks picking up apples. I didn’t think this was a great picture but I have shown my pictures to three people and two of them said they like this.


Thru out the day I kept taking pictures of a carriage that was giving rides and I didn’t get one really good shot. Here is my best shot.


Came across a tree that had some fruit I never saw before. I was told what it is and have since forgotten. It is tough to lose your memory:(


It was apple day at the village and they had a demonstration of cider making. They crushed the apples and then pressed them. Outside the building they did the crushing they had a pile of apples. Some of them were pretty gross.


The crushing is done by a contraption that is powered by an ox (cow?). Here is the ox and the guy who keeps the ox moving. The ox wanted a break when I was watching.


The country store was a good place for pictures. My first try had a funny reflection in it. I didn’t notice it when I took the picture.


Here is my best shot in the store.


I took a couple of shots of the storeroom. I converted it to black&white. I like the black&white version.




My best shot of the tin smith.


Here is the blacksmith. I am working on converting this to black&white but am still working on it so you get to see just the color version. 


There were quite a few animals around (chickens, sheep, horses, pigs) but the only one I took a good picture of was the pig. Here are my pig photos.



Can you tell this is two different pigs? One happily ate 3 apples.

A shot of some pottery.


Can you identify what this is?


It’s inside this kiln looking up.


I had a great time at Sturbridge Village. Enjoyed taking pictures with my friends and also enjoyed talking to the guides who were very knowledgeable. 

That is all from my time at Sturbridge. Next post will be about my first competition at the camera club I joined. 


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