Will I Ever Take a Good Picture?

My journey trying to take good photos.

Coming out of hibernation

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As I have mentioned before I don’t like taking pictures in the winter.  I like taking pictures outside when it is warm! Here is a picture I took one morning before work on 2/19. Not the type of weather that I like to go out and take pictures.


and looking the other way.



I did find a great place to take pictures though. Tower Hill Botanic Gardens. I have posted pictures before from Tower Hill last summer; here and here.

I joined Tower HIll so now I can go whenever I want. I went twice this winter. Once on 2/2 and again on 3/1. On the first trip there was an art exhibit by Mary Kocol. It was interesting but not my cup of tea. The pictures were all taken with a toy camera. I actually didn’t get any pictures from this. I was there to look not take pictures although I did have my camera and took some shots in the greenhouses but embarrassed to say none came out.

My next trip was to the Camellia Show. I am not sure what I expected (plants with flowers on them probably) but what they had was cut blooms in bowls of water. There were a lot of people and I’m not comfortable taking pictures in crowds because I feel like I am in the way. Folks were really nice and if they noticed you taking a picture they would pause while you shot away. I felt like I was ruining other folks experience.

I did get some nice pictures. Nothing that would make me think I could quit my day job and become a professional photographer though:)

Here are a couple that I liked:




Like I said, blooms in bowls of water!

Here was a nice arrangement.


This one didn’t come out very well (think I should have shot down on this rather then level) but it shows the amount of flowers there were.



Another shot showing the presentation.


Here is a picture of the winners although it doesn’t look complete since there are extra ribbons (that I really wanted to move out of the picture:))


My favorite shot of the day wasn’t even part of the show, just some plants they had in the same area.


That was it for the show. I went to one of the greenhouses and took some more pictures. Here are the ones I liked.

These were huge!


Nice place to sit and relax. My camera froze up on me and I sat here while I tried to get it to work. I was a bit worried because it stopped working after I changed a lens and I was afraid I broke the camera! No worries! I turned it off and back on and it came up. My battery died a bit after this so that might have been part of the problem.


When I sat down the plant that was leaning over the chair bit me. The leaves were very hard. I tried to take a picture of the leaf but they didn’t come out good (I was hand holding the camera).



That’s all for today. Hopefully the weather will warm up and I’ll get out to take more pictures!


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