Will I Ever Take a Good Picture?

My journey trying to take good photos.

A trip To Tower Hill Botanic Garden


Went to Tower Hill Botanic Garden again yesterday. I had received an email saying the Daffodils were in bloom. They were also having an African Violet show/sale. Wasn’t that interested in the African Violet show but I did want to see the Daffodils. I was all ready to go on Saturday but it rained so I went on Suday (4/27/2013). It was an overcast day that was a bit on the chilly side.

I do not take good landscape pictures and was curious to see if I could get some good shots of the Daffodils. I took a walk on one of the trails before heading over to the Daffodil field. Here is a picture I took looking towards where the vegetable garden will be.

TowerHill_04-27-002From another view.

TowerHill_04-27-012As you can see the weather wasn’t the best but I didn’t have to worry about the sun casting shadows.

I checked out the apple orchard.TowerHill_04-27-003-Edit-2You want to read the sign don’t you?TowerHill_04-27-010

I hope to go back when the trees are in bloom. My first view of the Daffodils.TowerHill_04-27-025and my best shot of the Daffodils:(TowerHill_04-27-047-Edit-2Much more impressive if you were present. I tried a few shots from low looking thru the field and they were even worse than this one! Oh well.

Here is a picture of the coloring that I liked the best. I really liked the orange center.TowerHill_04-27-059There is this bust on the trail. It is something about youth and age but it creeps me out.


Not sure why but I always take a picture of the gazebo.TowerHill_04-27-033Here is almost the same shot from last summer. I can’t wait until things green up.TowerHill_07-25-2013-020Here is a picture of The Systematic Garden. Won’t be long before the plants start to grow!TowerHill_04-27-086-EditA picture form a different view from last summer.TowerHill_07-25-2013-074Last week was school vacation week and there were activities for the kids. One was a Story Walk, Fairy Houses and Spring Fling Scavenger Hunt. I took pictures of the Fairy Houses. Some were a bit worse for the wear but I think I got all of them but one. TowerHill_04-27-091
















All the fairy houses were amazing. I liked the Gourd House and the Tree House the best. While I was taking the pictures a family started to walk thru. Judging by the exclamations from the little girl the  fairy houses were a hit!

Here is a picture I really wanted to come out. It is a panorama of 3 shots stiched together. It is a bit out of focus though. TowerHill_04-27-216-EditI wasn’t that interested in the African Violet show but I did walk thru. There were a LOT of plants. Not a good picture but this gives you and idea.TowerHill_04-27-255Here is a picture of one of the plants.TowerHill_04-27-251

They even had violets in bottles.TowerHill_04-27-289

I had read in the paper a few days ago that Tower Hill was participating in trying to create a disease resistant American Chestnut. It said that the chestnuts had come from various seed orchards including one at Tower Hill. So I thought they had trees that were somewhat resistant to the blight. I asked where the trees were and was told where they were but also informed that the trees were infected. I was disappointed. Here are a few pictures of the chestnuts.TowerHill_04-27-303



As you can see they have the blight. I remember a tree near my house when I was a kid that looked like the second picture. Just a bunch of small shoots. I don’t remember it ever having any nuts. If you look in the bottom left of the first picture you can see the husks from the seeds.

At this point I was pretty much done for the day and it started to rain. If it was going to rain it was nice that it didn’t start until I was a few minutes from calling it a day anyway.



2 thoughts on “A trip To Tower Hill Botanic Garden

  1. I have always failed when trying to take a picture of a field of flowers. If I try to take a picture of the entire field the flowers turn out to be small little dots of color that do not in any way duplicate what I see when I am there. If I move in to photograph a group of flowers I may get a good photo of 1 or 2 flowers but miss the entire field. My attemps never even come close to duplicating what I see when I am there. If you figure out how to do it let me know.

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