Will I Ever Take a Good Picture?

My journey trying to take good photos.

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Tower HIll botanic Gardens 5/21/14

Tower Hill is open on Wed. evenings and it is very convenient to stop on the way home from work. I took a lot of pictures and it took me a long time to go thru them. I still don’t trust myself to take a good picture and I take four or five shots of almost every subject. Then I get home and they are almost always all good or all bad. If they are bad no problem into the trash they go but if they are all good I can’t figure out which one I want to keep.

The gardens are just starting to grow. It will be interesting to take pictures again of the following two shots in a few months and then compare them:



The plants in the above photo bottom center were a bit wilted. I like trees and here is a Dawn Redwood. I didn’t know Redwoods would grow here in New England. According to Wikipedia it is a native of China and grows to two hundred feet.


Not sure what happened to these hostas. Looks like something took a nap in them.


Couple of plants had a tough winter. I don’t think the second one is going to make it.



The Magnolias were in bloom. Quite the flower!


Here is my favorite picture of the day. A grouping of potted plants.


A bit closer.


When I was taking the pictures I thought I would like the second one the best but once I looked at them I like the first one.

Here is one of the greenhouses that the plants winter in. Just a few plants left to be taken outside.


This looked much better in person:( I can’t take a picture of a free standing flowering bush/tree and have it come out nice.


Heading into the woods I found this on the side of the trail.


I should have moved that leaf in the bottom left before taking the picture. Another wildflower; I have taken pictures of these at Hodges in years past. I can’t quite get the white in the flower to look correct.


After taking the above picture I was walking down the trail and I heard a very loud gobble. Looking to my left there were two turkeys. Usually when you see turkeys they don’t get upset but they start walking away from you. Not these guys. They posed for a few minutes.


I think this one wanted to know why the sign, which had pictures of birds you might see, didn’t have a picture of a turkey.

Here is the second turkey.


A few more shots.



Then a bit further along the trail I ran into more Turkeys. These acted more like other turkeys I have seen. As soon as they saw me they picked up the pace.


Some pretty white flowers on the side of the trail.


Remember this field from a few weeks ago?


Here is what it looked like before.


My attempt at trying to get something a bit different than a scenery shot.


Not sure if I like it or not.

A couple of shots of the Systematic Garden.




and from the Tower HIll website a picture someone with better skills than I took. Note this is shot from a different angle then mine.

Picture of fountain.

My last picture of the day.


I like the way this picture came out.

Well that is all for this trip.